About Our Water

King Bio’s water-based homeopathic products come with a promise of purity!

We know how compromised city water can be, so we go through an extensive water purification process to ensure our customers receive clean and healthy medicines. Here’s how it works:

  • The water comes in to our purification system from the city line.

  • From there, it enters a series of refiners and conditioners to remove things like sulfur.

  • In order to catch any particles left behind, the water proceeds through a micron filter, which grabs anything larger than five microns (science speak for “very tiny”).

  • For extra security, it goes through reverse osmosis membrane purification before flowing into our sealed water storage tanks.

  • During pipeline travel from the water tanks to the medicine lab, the water goes through a quick flash of UV light to add an extra touch of purification.

  • Finally, we use the water in our cGMP compliant lab to create remedies, which are homeopathically potentized and measured into the medicine bottles. 

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