SafeCare: Become a Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SafeCare provider. We feel our products are the most powerful and complete line of natural medicines available today.

SafeCare offers many condition-specific homeopathic products for your patients and clients. Manufactured by King Bio, a company founded more than 25 years ago by Dr. Frank King, SafeCare has a proven track record of safety in clinics around the country.

SafeCare complements any professional practice or specialty, where you and your patients receive the benefits of:

  • Physician-tested formulas
  • Safe ingredients with no harmful side effects
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Easily administered systems

When you join the SafeCare network, the following will be available to you:

  • High-potency, all-natural medicines
  • Homeopathic test kits
  • Educational literature
  • Website ordering
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Customer care and sales support

“Our products and tools, combined with your procedures, will forge a strong synergy that will help correct acute, chronic, and genetic conditions that plague our health care system.” — Dr. Frank King

SafeCare provides practitioners with tools that help them evaluate remedies for acute, chronic, and genetic conditions, and offers a turnkey system to quickly and effectively integrate the powerful advancements of contemporary homeopathy into their practices.

We invite you to join our professional team and become a SafeCare provider. Call 866-298-2740 or email: Marie Haddock at