What makes SafeCare different?

Taste-free, Pure Water Base

SafeCare oral spray formulas are revolutionary. Our base creates a taste-free homeopathic medicine with no sugar, no dairy, no dropper bottles, no pills to swallow, and no taste to get tired of.

High Potency, Broad-Spectrum Relief

SafeCare formulas, on average, contain more than 16 different ingredients, each made in equal volumes of 7 potencies, totaling more than 100 individually made remedies in a single product. This progressive formulating process provides a broader therapeutic spectrum that delivers faster, more effective results.


Natural homeopathic medicines were the fi rst natural remedies recognized by the FDA as pharmaceutical drug products. SafeCare formulas offer a safe and natural solution backed by science, clinical experience, and most importantly, the tests of time and adversity.

Physician-Tested Formulas

SafeCare formulas have been researched and developed by Dr. Frank King and his colleagues since 1979. These formulas are the result of cumulative knowledge and research from many respected homeopaths and doctors with extensive clinical experience. Offering more than 200 formulas, SafeCare has proven its effectiveness through testimonials from naturally focused practitioners nationwide.

Environmentally Friendly

SafeCare formulas are contained in recyclable bottles that are made of BPA-free, PET #1 plastic, which is not associated with leaching into the contents. PET plastics require less energy and are more economical and ecological to make, ship, and recycle than glass. Please recycle.