Choosing Formulas

Homeopathy is a highly individualized healing art, and to discover its broad spectrum of therapeutic potentials, you need a way of discerning which remedies support the healing process. The practitioner must have an insightful and open approach that seeks to deeply explore all possible causes, or simillimums, and the corresponding products which match those symptoms. Diligence in seeking and finding all the necessary homeopathic remedies is the key to optimal success. SafeCare has uniquely crafted test kits that can help you determine exactly what your patients need.

Indications for use on each SafeCare bottle may suggest the obvious formula for symptoms; however, underlying causes of the same health condition between two individuals with similar symptoms may be different, requiring different SafeCare formulas.

When you can discern which homeopathic formulas to choose for your patients or clients, you can bring an enhanced level of care to them and your practice.